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Pohanka of Salisbury Hosts First Ever Yoga Night

yoga class


On September 22nd 2017 Mercedes Benz of Salisbury hosted their first ever yoga night! The event included an evening yoga session with world renowned yoga instructor Elyza Dolby as well as wine, d’oeuvres and a relaxing period for participants to talk with the instructor as well as the other attendees. The class, which was held in the Mercedes-Benz of Salisbury showroom, was an “all levels” yoga class that showcased a mixture of deep breathing exercises and focused on fluid movements and balancing postures.


“We were very excited to have the opportunity to do an event like this” said Alex Macatuno Mercedes-Benz of Salisbury General Manager. “It was something different that showed our love and respect for our community members health even if they are not in the market for a new vehicle.”


The class was open and free of charge to the public which allowed anyone who was interested to attend. Yoga mats were even supplied for those who didn’t bring one. Those who attended the event were raving about there experience. Many asked for the event to be held again and some wished it could be done on regular intervals.


Hosting a yoga event might be something new for the automobile industry but Pohanka is well rehearsed in bending over backward for their customers and the community. This health focused event coincides perfectly with the the “Pohanka Pays it Forward” campaign. Through this campaign Pohanka of Salisbury has managed to donate over $1,000,000 to more than 750 local charities and organizations. Pohanka is an active member in supporting and aiding the local community in order to make its citizens happier, healthier and self sufficient.


To learn more about Pohanka Pays it Forward be sure to keep up with the Pohanka Automotive Facebook and Instagram pages as well as this blog for updates on their charitable acts and how you can get involved!