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6 Things to Do in Salisbury This Spring

Spring is finally in the air and as the sun shines bright in the sky the people of Delmarva are eager to have some fun in the sun! Luckily Salisbury offers many beautiful and exciting outdoor venues for families and friends to enjoy the great outdoors and soak up some rays after a long winter. Check out these six springtime attractions available in the heart of Salisbury MD!


Salisbury Zoo

The Salisbury Zoo is a local zoo that is free and open to the public. Here you can see everything from llamas to flamingos! With exhibits showcasing animals and critters native from North, Central and South America you will have an action packed day watching these beautiful animals roam the grounds. This venue is complete with a beastro where you can grab lunch, a playground for kids to play and even a gift shop for anyone wanting to take home a memory from this modest but elegant local zoo. There is no question, the Salisbury Zoo is the place to be on a warm spring day in Salisbury.


Delmarva Shorebirds

The start of spring is also the start of baseball season! Delmarva is very proud to have their own minor league baseball team; the Delmarva Shorebirds. The Shorebirds are a member of the South Atlantic League and play at the Arthur W. Perdue Stadium in good old Salisbury Md. Peanuts and crackerjacks are just the start of all the fun a Delmarva Shorebirds game has to offer! The shorebirds get the crowd involved in every game with fun contests, games and surprises. Come dance with the Shorebird mascot Sherman on top of the dug out! There is even a kids area to let the little ones play while parents watch the game. Click here to see the Shorebirds schedule for spring/summer 2018.


Pemberton Historical House

Looking for a great picnic spot? What about running, walking and biking trails through the woods? Or maybe a nice place for some authentic family pictures in the sunshine? Pemberton Historical Park offers all of that and more. The historic Pemberton Hall was built in 1741 on a 262 acre spot of land that was later transformed into a beautiful park open to the public. This historic site offers the opportunity to hike up to 4.5 miles and appreciate the beauty and wildlife of the eastern shore. The park is open everyday from 5AM-8PM this spring season.


Downtown Salisbury 3rd Friday

Third Friday is one of the most anticipated and interactive outdoor activities in all of Salisbury. On the third friday of every month (April-October) Downtown Salisbury hosts a festival free to the public. During this event the streets are lined with local vendors, artists and crafters selling their one of a kind pieces as live music fills the air. There are games for the children and food trucks offering a variety of local dishes. The event encourages people to interact with one another and support the local economy. For more information on the festival including dates, themes and how to get involved click here!


Nutters Crossing Golf Club

Spend a day on the green at Salisbury’s distinguished Nutters Crossing Golf Club. This high end facility is a golfers dream. The beautiful Par 72 course includes lush fairways, 8 water hazards and 50 bunkers built to the USGA’s specifications. Bring the entire family for a round of golf or have some much deserved alone time on these rolling hills. For information on memberships, specials and packages click here


Enjoy Outdoor Dining                                                                                                                                         
Salisbury is full of superb local restaurants with cuisine ranging from fresh seafood to luscious meats. Many of these restaurants such as Brew River Restaurant & Bar and Market Street Inn offer outdoor dining with beautiful water views. Come to one of these prime dining spots on a Friday or Saturday night and enjoy live music and various drink and appetizer specials. Book your reservation for a family dinner or night on the town at one of these fantastic restaurants today.

5 Ways Your Car Can Fail In the Summer and How We Can Help



Everyone loves the freedom that comes along with brisk summer days. While you may be enjoying the sun and day trips to the beach the heat, humidity and long journeys can actually be harmful to your vehicle. Few know that vehicles are particularly susceptible to faulty behavior in the summertime particularly in conditions of extreme heat and humidity. Here is a list of the five most common ways a car can be negatively affected in the summer and how Pohanka of Salisbury can help.


  • Poor Shocks: You’re bound to run into construction or back roads in your summer travels. An over exposure to these bumpy areas can make your shocks go bad resulting in a less than smooth ride and eventually permanent damage to your vehicle. If you feel your journey continuously getting bumpier schedule an appointment at one of our service departments as soon as possible before any major damage can occur.


  • Inflated Tires: Between all your traveling and the extreme temperatures of summer it is important to make sure your tires are properly inflated. If they aren’t your tires can go bald and your chances of getting a flat are much higher. Check out our discounts on getting a brand new set or a tire alignment!


  • Battery Problems: The summer time is extremely harsh on your car battery especially in high humidity. Though any car battery should be changed every four years or so high humidity can cause the battery to die much faster without you realizing it. If your lights seem dimmer or your car is taking longer to start than usual have your battery checked or replaced for a low cost.


  • Check The Oil: While traveling a lot during the summer the time to have your oil changed may creep up on you. Putting in all those miles takes a lot out of your car and requires proper care and lubricant. We offer discounts and coupons during this time of the year to make sure your journey as safe as possible.


  • Overheating Engine: Beware of your engine overheating in the summer months. With the temperatures high your cooling system has to work extra hard to keep up. Be sure to check your fluid levels often and pull over to the side of the road if you see smoke coming from your engine. If you have any questions about your fluid levels or engine trouble give us a call at (410) 749-2301 and our customer service reps would be happy to assist you.


There you have it! If you follow these tips and know what to look for you and your vehicle should be good to go. Feel free to stop in one of our service departments or give us a call for any concerns you may have. Our primary focus at Pohanka of Salisbury is the safety and happiness of all of our customers. Safe travels!