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Pohanka Raises Over $17,000 for the American Cancer Society at Annual Golf Tournament

One of the largest and most anticipated charitable events of the year on the Delmarva Peninsula is the annual Pohanka Pays It Forward Golf Tournament. This year’s tournament was held on Sunday, August 8th at the GlenRiddle Golf Club in Berlin MD, and benefited the American Cancer Society. Over 70 golfers came out for a day of fun, sport, and charitable giving.

Many Pohanka employees as well as a large group of local business owners, golfers, and philanthropists attended the tournament and put their best foot forward on the green.

“It’s a great event we here at Pohanka look forward to all year,” Says Jared Algier, General Sales Manager at Pohanka Honda of Salisbury. “It’s a fantastic way to bring people together and raise money for the community we live in.”

Collectively the tournament raised over $17,000 for the American Cancer Society and gave their first-place trophy to the Pohanka Toyota of Salisbury team which included Toyota’s General Manager Thurman Donoway and their Sales & Leasing Consultant Ryan DeVage.

Many participants were thrilled with the outcome of the tournament and look forward to participating next year. Caleb Moore, Sales Manager at Pohanka Honda of Salisbury said, “I have not had that much fun in a long time and I am looking forward to participating in the future to help the tournament grow.”

Pohanka of Salisbury has been known for its continuous community involvement and generous charitable donations on the Eastern Shore since founding the “Pohanka Pays It Forward” charity initiative in early 2009. Sandy Angello-Fitzgerald, the automotive group’s Owner/Operator, started the initiative amidst the great recession in order to grow the community we all live in and raise our families in. Since that time the program has succeeded in donating over $3,000,000.00 to more than 750 local charitable organizations.

Shore Insurance Helps Record Breaking Number of People Save Money at Pohanka of Salisbury

Your in good hands with our Allstate Insurance team here at Pohanka of Salisbury! Last month alone our team of educated and skilled product specialist helped a record breaking number of people save money on their insurance policies! Our teams goal is to lower your rate while making sure you have the exact amount of coverage you need.


Shore Insurance at Pohanka of Salisbury was first created back in 2015 when Pohanka Automotive Group of Salisbury’s Owner/Operator Sandy Fitzgerald wanted her customers to have the ability to purchase car insurance on site when purchasing a new or pre-owned vehicle. “It’s a really great opportunity to be able to purchase your insurance at the actual dealership” Says Bethaney Ralph Head of Shore Insurance. “Your not just spitting numbers and mild information into a computer but your having a real discussion with an actual insurance representative who knows the exact car your buying and its history.”


Shore Insurance not only provides customers with car insurance but also sells home insurance, renters insurance, life insurance, boat insurance, motorcycle insurance, jet ski insurance and more! “If it has a motor we can insure it” says Ralph.


Customers often rave that the prime benefit of purchasing form Shore Insurance is the ability to sit down with a personal  and local insurance agent to take a look at their current coverage. Very often consumers only look at their insurance policy when it is first purchased and forget to revisit the policy when a life changing event occurs.


“I constantly hear our agents telling customers they only have this little tiny bit of coverage that is the absolute minimum” Ralph explains “Often customers have a large amount of capital invested in these assets and need to up their coverage to protect it. This kind of personal advice can not come from a computer.”


Shore Insurance’s personal approach to the insurance industry has caused this strong team to shatter records and save locals more money than ever before. They will continue to help anyone who walks through the door and implores  everyone in the Delmarva area to look over their current policy and give them a call with any questions. When was the last time you checked your coverage? Don’t trust those 1-800 numbers to get you out of a bind. Call our team today at (443) 260-1610  

Pohanka Becomes Major Donation Drop Off For Toys For Tots

Toys For Tots

You see the crimson “Toys For Tots” signs all over during the holiday season imploring you to donate toys to children in need. Pohanka however, in their usual generous efforts to raise awareness for charitable causes, took the “Toys For Tots” Initiative one step further this holiday season.

Any customer who was to donate a toy to one of the “Toys For Tots” bins, located in every Pohanka showroom and service department, would receive a $10 discount on any service. This not only gave initiative for every car owner to donate a toy but also implored them to bring their vehicle in for a discounted service visit and inspection before the harsh winter weather was to hit the eastern shore.

Pohanka donates to “Toys For Tots” every year and is proud to be a recognized and major donation drop off location for anyone willing to give to the cause regardless of whether they are in the market for a vehicle or not. It is giving acts like this that make Pohanka stand out amongst their competition as a top quality car dealership and also a kind, caring and giving organization of Wicomico County.

“We are always proud to help out when we can especially around the Holidays season when there are so many who could use our help” Says Paul Eaton COO of Pohanka of Salisbury Automotive Group and one of the proud leaders of Pohanka’s charitable group “Pohanka Pays It Forward.”

To learn more about the Holiday cheer spread by Pohanka this holiday season click here to read our other blog posts including information on Pohanka Pays It Forward and how Pohanka partnered with local Salisbury City Police and the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office to spread some joy to unsuspecting citizens.

Cars Made EZ Gives Car To Eight-Month-Old Cancer Patient



On Wednesday October 25th Cars Made Ez, a Pohanka Company, gave a 2003 Honda Odyssey to a local cancer patient in need. Kamdyn Barzada is an eight month old little boy who was born and raised in Delmarva. Just a few months ago he was diagnosed with a rare muscle cancer called rhabdomyosarcoma. Since then his family and friends have been working tirelessly to get Kamdyn to and from his various doctors appointments as well as rounds of treatment. These appointments are often three hours away by car making a round trip visit a six hour journey. Kamdyn goes to these treatments as often as fives days a week.

In an attempt to get Kamdyn a safe and reliable vehicle to get to and from the doctor’s office his friends and family reached out to a local Cars Made EZ salesperson, William Toadvine, asking for help. Toadvine found a fantastic van at an affordable price from the family but took it to the next level when he spoke to Sandy Fitzgerald, Vice President and Dealer Operator of Pohanka of Salisbury, explaining the family’s situation and his yearning to help them. The vehicle was approved to be given to the family at no cost to them.

The state inspected Honda Odyssey was presented to Kamdyn and his family outside of Pohanka Toyota of Salisbury on October 25th at 6pm. Kamryn’s mother, father and two old sisters were thrilled when they saw their new vehicle for the first time.


“I Feel so blessed that someone is willing to help out and give us a way to get back and forth to his treatments” Said Denise Brazda, Kayden’s loving mother. “Its incredible that someone is willing to do this for our son and our family.”


Kamdyn is slowly on the way to recovery and being cancer free. He will continue to go to his treatments and appointments multiple times a week at Children’s National in Washington DC. Thoughts and prayers for this little boy and his family are greatly appreciated. You can support the families “Go Fund Me Page” here.



Pohanka of Salisbury Hosts First Ever Yoga Night

yoga class


On September 22nd 2017 Mercedes Benz of Salisbury hosted their first ever yoga night! The event included an evening yoga session with world renowned yoga instructor Elyza Dolby as well as wine, d’oeuvres and a relaxing period for participants to talk with the instructor as well as the other attendees. The class, which was held in the Mercedes-Benz of Salisbury showroom, was an “all levels” yoga class that showcased a mixture of deep breathing exercises and focused on fluid movements and balancing postures.


“We were very excited to have the opportunity to do an event like this” said Alex Macatuno Mercedes-Benz of Salisbury General Manager. “It was something different that showed our love and respect for our community members health even if they are not in the market for a new vehicle.”


The class was open and free of charge to the public which allowed anyone who was interested to attend. Yoga mats were even supplied for those who didn’t bring one. Those who attended the event were raving about there experience. Many asked for the event to be held again and some wished it could be done on regular intervals.


Hosting a yoga event might be something new for the automobile industry but Pohanka is well rehearsed in bending over backward for their customers and the community. This health focused event coincides perfectly with the the “Pohanka Pays it Forward” campaign. Through this campaign Pohanka of Salisbury has managed to donate over $1,000,000 to more than 750 local charities and organizations. Pohanka is an active member in supporting and aiding the local community in order to make its citizens happier, healthier and self sufficient.


To learn more about Pohanka Pays it Forward be sure to keep up with the Pohanka Automotive Facebook and Instagram pages as well as this blog for updates on their charitable acts and how you can get involved!