Pohanka Employees Become 8th Grade Mentors at JA Inspire

Pohanka of Salisbury Automotive Group was a proud sponsor of Junior Achievement of the Eastern Shore‘s latest event JA Inspire.

This massive event involved a collection of local educators and industry leaders coming together to educate over 3,000 Eastern Shore 8th graders on potential future career and educational opportunities. The students were given hands-on activities involving tasks relevant to jobs in many different industries. This gave them a chance to find a potential future career path involving a specialty they love. The fair also gave students the ability to explore apprenticeships and educational programs from local trade schools, colleges, and universities. 

The purpose of this event is to provide students with knowledge of future career paths before determining their high school workload. They get the opportunity to learn about future career opportunities from local, caring mentors who are there to help guide them. It is also a wonderful opportunity for local businesses to build their workforce and offer interactive learning. 

Pohanka of Salisbury was widely represented at this event offering mentors from their sales, service, and insurance departments. The Pohanka staff had the opportunity to discuss all of the opportunities that come with a career at Pohanka as well as how much the automotive group gives back to their community through the Pohanka Pays It Forward Program. 

Katelyn Williamson, a Customer Service Representative at Pohanka Insurance and volunteer at JA Inspire noted, “It was a pleasure talking to the children about what I do and how I got here. I wish I would have known about companies like Pohanka when I was deciding what I wanted to do. I hope that I was able to make a difference in the children’s career options.”

Pohanka truly enjoys partnering and volunteering for Junior Achievement and would like to thank them for all they do in the community. As a group, Pohanka employees look forward to attending more events in the future to educate the local youth and build the workforce on the Eastern Shore. 




A Truck Load of Caring 

This holiday season the Pohanka of Salisbury Automotive Group made it their mission to fill the back of a pickup truck with canned food items to donate to locals in need. Their food drive was open to the public and anyone who contributed received $10 off their next service at one of the Pohanka Service Departments

By the end of the food drive, the Pohanka stores collected over 300 cans of food as well as a large selection of bread, rice, and pasta to donate to HALO Ministries, a local organization who offers meals and social activities to those in need. 

“We really appreciate this,” says Logan Schevel, Halo’s Thrift Ministry Administrator. “We are extremely busy this time of year and we will make great use of the donations.” 

Logan and the rest of the Halo staff and volunteers were grateful for the donations. They will be serving a special Thanksgiving dinner for which the donated food will be served. 

Pohanka of Salisbury has made serving the community a prime goal of their organization since establishing the Pohanka Pays It Forward initiative in 2009. Since its founding, Pohanka of Salisbury has donated over $3,000,000.00 to more than 750 charitable organizations. It is Pohanka’s belief that nothing is more important than giving back to the community that we all work, live and raise our families in and they are very grateful to be able to help Halo Ministries this Thanksgiving.

Scoops For Law Enforcement – Hosted by Pohanka of Salisbury

Pohanka of Salisbury and Angello’s Scoops wants to show their appreciation for local law enforcement by offering complimentary ice cream to those who serve. This week, Sunday, November 10th through the 17th, Law Enforcement officials are encouraged to visit Angello’s Scoops in Downtown Salisbury for a free frozen treat as a symbol of gratitude for their hard work and dedication to our community.

Sandy Fitzgerald, Owner/Operator of the Pohanka of Salisbury Automotive Group, has always been a large supporter of local law enforcement. In the past, Fitzgerald has held a number of “blue pride” events including a luncheon for local officials held in the Pohanka Toyota showroom. This year Sandy couldn’t think of a better way to honor these men and women than with complimentary homemade ice cream from her new ice cream parlor and gift shop Angello’s Scoops located in the heart of Salisbury, Maryland.

Fitzgerald enjoys taking this time of year to do something special for the people who work tirelessly to make our community a safer and better place to raise our families. “It’s important to me,” says Fitzgerald “to serve the people who serve us.”

If you or a loved one works for local law enforcement, we hope to see you downtown this week enjoying a delicious free treat from Angello’s and the wonderful atmosphere this town has to offer. We thank you for your service and all that you do.

5 Quick and Easy Tips to Stay Safe This Halloween 

Halloween is a magical time of year. It is a time to let your imagination run wild and for one special night children can be anyone they wish to be, fictional or not. However, for the adults taking little ones trick or treating this Hallows Eve, there are a few safety tips you should follow to make this most of this mystical evening. 


Walk Safely 

Remember to stay on the sidewalk whenever possible and to only cross the street using crosswalks or other designated crossing areas. If you are trick or treating in an area where there are no sidewalks make sure you are walking in the opposite direction of traffic so you can see any cars coming from a distance and have ample time to get out of the way.


Put the Cell Phone Down 

This is an important tip for children and their parents. Do not allow yourself or your child to be distracted by a cell phone while trick or treating. Put the phones away to prevent accidents and make sure you are keeping an attentive eye on your children.


Wear Bright Costumes 

Wearing bright and reflective costumes greatly reduces the risk of accidents occurring while trick or treating and it is also fun for kids! Glow in the dark costumes are a huge neighborhood hit and allow any incoming traffic to see the trick or treater from a distance.


Use the Buddy System 

Try to get a group together to go trick or treating and use the buddy system at all times. Going trick or treating with other kids is fun and engaging, plus groups are easy to see from a distance and far less likely to engage in an accident. Never let children go trick or treating by themselves, there should be at least one trusted adult with the children at all times.


Wait Until You Get Home to Eat Candy 

This is perhaps one of the hardest rules to follow. Your just a few houses in and you get a “fun-sized” version of your favorite candy bar (score!) but hold off eating any candy until your lot is safely at home. Not only does this prevent anyone from getting sick due to overindulging too quickly but it is also very important to perform a quick scan of all the candy received once you are in a secure environment to make sure you notice and any pieces that look like they have been opened or tampered with. These pieces should be thrown away immediately.


By following these tips you and your loved ones are all set to have a safe and happy Halloween!


Sandy Fitzgerald-Angello Voted Wicomico County Businesswomen of the Year

Sandy Pic

Every year Coastal Style Magazine, the lifestyle magazine of the eastern shore, allows residents of Dorchester, Talbot, Sussex, Wicomico, and Worcester counties to vote online for businesses and individuals who they feel proudly represents their district and actively gives back to the community.

Everything from art galleries and hair salons to restaurants and nonprofits have the ability to be recognized in this special yearly issue of the magazine.

A selective group of this local competition is called “Coastal Style Honors” where citizens have the ability to pick out a single individual, or group of people, who best embodies an overall title such as best philanthropist, best small business and best businessman and businesswoman of the year.

This year, 2019, Sandy Angello-Fitzgerald, Owner-Operator of the Pohanka of Salisbury Automotive Group, won the exclusive title of Wicomico County’s Businesswomen of the year. Angello’s business methods have proved unmatched on the Delmarva Peninsula. As the Owner-Operator of one of the largest automotive groups on the Eastern Shore, she oversees the operations of six dealerships as well as a pre-owned car store located in Delmar, Delaware and a premier truck store located in Salisbury, Maryland.

Sandy also owns an ice cream shop called Angello’s Scoops in downtown Salisbury. The shop offers a wide selection of homemade ice cream treats from Hopkins Farm Creamery as well as a wide selection of unique gifts including beach themed and Maryland pride items.

Apart from her business practices, Angello’s community involvement goes above and beyond. Angello started the “Pohanka Pays It Forward” charitable initiative campaign back in 2009 during the recession. During this time most companies cut charitable giving altogether, but it was Sandy’s concern that “It is important now more than ever to give back”. Since its foundation in 2009, Pohanka of Salisbury has donated over $3,000,000.00 to 750 charitable organizations and counting. It is Sandy’s belief that nothing is more important than giving back to the community that we all work, live and raise our families in.

Sandy would like to thank all of those who voted and who have supported her and her company over the years. She would also like to thank Coastal Style magazine for hosting this competition and recognizing those who take an active part in their local communities.