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Pohanka Recycles Over 450 Tons of Automotive Material in 2020

Pohanka of Salisbury has made many generous contributions to the Eastern Shore since the foundation of the “Pohanka Pays It Forward” charity initiative in 2009. Their unique program has succeeded in donating over $3,000,000.00 to more than 750 local charitable organizations. Their generosity has provided financial aid to much-needed programs all over the shore ranging from children’s sports leagues to hospice care for local senior citizens.

Another way Pohanka greatly contributes to society is by recycling as much automotive waste as possible in order to better treat the environment. Automotive waste is one of the largest and most profound contributors to our planet’s “carbon footprint.” By choosing to recycle products such as tires, batteries, oil, transmissions, and more, Pohanka is playing a large part in reducing waste and protecting valuable natural resources. In the year 2020 Pohanka of Salisbury recycled over 450 tons of automotive parts and products. 

Pohanka of Salisbury has been recycling products since the foundation of their dealership. However, it was in 2011 that they really began to take an interest as to how they could better serve their environment. 

“We have been recycling for many years and the amount we recycle has grown substantially over time.” Says the Pohanka of Salisbury Parts Director Herb Williams. “About 10 years ago we started to look at how much we actually were recycling and began to look for more things we could recycle on a daily basis.” 

While most products including tires, cardboard, and scrap metal simply get recycled, other “core” automotive parts such as engines and transmission are shipped to manufacturers to be rebuilt and reused. As the recycling industry has grown over the years so have Pohanka’s environmental efforts. 

“It has become much easier to participate since the growth of the recycling industry. Our environmental efforts have grown substantially over the years and now it is an initiative all of our employees proudly take part in.” 

Come see Herb and the rest of the Pohanka team at their Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, Honda, or VW dealerships located on Route 13 in Salisbury MD. 

Pohanka’s Exclusive Pre-Owned Vehicle Certification Brings Peace of Mind to Used Car Buyers

Pohanka of Salisbury has created a new way to bring peace of mind to used car buyers on the Delmarva Peninsula with their Pohanka Certified Pre-Owned vehicle program. This exclusive certification puts pre-owned vehicles through a rigorous 165 point inspection and is given only to those in top-performing condition letting customers know they are getting a safe and reliable pre-owned vehicle.

These certified vehicles are covered with a wide variety of protections including a one of a kind 10-Year/100,000-Mile Warranty. Each vehicle also comes with an extensive vehicle history report, complimentary roadside assistance, trip-interruption reimbursement, and more. Pohanka of Salisbury, located in Salisbury Maryland, has been serving the local community for over 30 years and continues to meet the needs of consumers in new and exciting ways. Below is an outline of the certification program details.

Vehicle History Report
Each Pohanka Certified Pre Owned vehicle comes with a detailed vehicle history report. This report showcases that particular vehicle’s accident history, mileage, title status, information about previous ownership, and more. The function of this report is to give the new owner conclusive information about the vehicle they are purchasing.

Rental Vehicle/Alternate Transportation and Trip Interruption Reimbursement
Should there be an issue with your Pohanka Certified pre-owned vehicle you will be supplied with a rental vehicle or alternative transportation. This mode of transportation will allow you to go about your daily life while your vehicle is getting worked on in one of our service departments. Also, should a trip be interrupted due to a fault in your vehicle you will qualify for Trip Interruption Reimbursement for the cost it takes to get your vehicle back home safely.

165 Point Inspection
Each Pohanka Certified vehicle has been through a rigorous 165 Point Inspection. During this inspection, all parts of the vehicle are thoroughly checked to make sure the vehicle is in top-performing condition. The inspection is always performed by a certified technician and any vehicle who fails even a single point of the inspection is not given the Pohanka Certified title.

Roadside Assistance
Complimentary Roadside Assistance is included with the purchase of every Pohanka Certified pre-owned vehicle. Roadside assistance provides necessary services for vehicles stranded on the side of the road including a jumpstart, supplying you with gas or fuel, changing a flat tire, towing, and more. This service allows you to get help and stay safe should a problem occur.

Exclusive Limited Warranty
Every Pohanka Certified pre-owned vehicle is covered by our exclusive 10-Year/100,000-Mile Powertrain Warranty. This warranty covers all makes and models as long as they have passed the 165 point inspection described above. Backed by Allstate, this inclusive warranty keeps you in good hands wherever you go!

Interested in seeing our wide selection of Pohanka Certified pre-owned vehicles? Click here to shop now!

Pohanka of Salisbury Raises Over $15,000 for Relay For Life



After a year of dedicated fundraising the Pohanka of Salisbury Relay For Life Team was able to donate over $15,000 at the 2017 Wicomico County Relay For Life Festival on September 22nd.


Pohanka showed their automotive spirit by decorating a booth at the festivities as a make believe car wash. Kids could run through the streamers and sponges while bubbles were blown in the wind to give the effect of an actual car wash. The team also created a Pohanka exclusive convertible made from cardboard and complete with working head and tail lights. Each of the Pohanka store logos were showcased on the side of the car giving a feeling of maximum Pohanka Pride. A livestream of this vehicles race around the track can be seen here. The team’s motto of “wash away cancer” was also shown through their sale of wet wipe containers specifically designed to fit in the cup holder of a car. All proceeds of these sales were donated to the American Cancer Society.


Of course these sales were not the only donation Pohanka made. In fact, Pohanka of Salisbury had been hosting fundraisers all year long to raise as many donations as possible for the Relay For Life organization. From in house paint nights to hot dog lunches Pohanka continuously looked for opportunities to raise money for this profound organization. President of the Pohanka Relay team, Samantha Seaton, even hosted a ladies night in which representatives from local companies made a donation to set up a booth in Pohanka Toyota and have the opportunity to sell their products to locals. Each vendor also donated an item to raffle off. All the proceeds from the raffle were donated as well.


“Everytime I think of Relay I think of the fact that we do this so one day we don’t have to,” Says Samantha Seaton. “We do all of this so that one day there will be a cure for cancer.”


A large portion of the community came out to the Wicomico County Relay For Life event. Many survivors and their family members walked the track but many local business and organizations also made an appearance. Families and teams from all over the state came to show support for those fighting for their lives. “I love seeing kids and families at these events because it’s important to inspire the next generation to get involved and be aware at a young age that they can make a difference.” Seaton exclaimed.


Pohanka’s year long combined efforts generated a donation of over $15,000 to give to the American Cancer Society. This was the second largest donation made by a single team in the county. The entire Pohanka team wanted to thank everyone who made a contribution to their efforts. The Pohanka of Salisbury Relay For Life Team is already working on fundraisers to start generating donations for next years relay. Like the Pohanka of Salisbury Facebook page for updates and details on upcoming events!


5 Ways Your Car Can Fail In the Summer and How We Can Help



Everyone loves the freedom that comes along with brisk summer days. While you may be enjoying the sun and day trips to the beach the heat, humidity and long journeys can actually be harmful to your vehicle. Few know that vehicles are particularly susceptible to faulty behavior in the summertime particularly in conditions of extreme heat and humidity. Here is a list of the five most common ways a car can be negatively affected in the summer and how Pohanka of Salisbury can help.


  • Poor Shocks: You’re bound to run into construction or back roads in your summer travels. An over exposure to these bumpy areas can make your shocks go bad resulting in a less than smooth ride and eventually permanent damage to your vehicle. If you feel your journey continuously getting bumpier schedule an appointment at one of our service departments as soon as possible before any major damage can occur.


  • Inflated Tires: Between all your traveling and the extreme temperatures of summer it is important to make sure your tires are properly inflated. If they aren’t your tires can go bald and your chances of getting a flat are much higher. Check out our discounts on getting a brand new set or a tire alignment!


  • Battery Problems: The summer time is extremely harsh on your car battery especially in high humidity. Though any car battery should be changed every four years or so high humidity can cause the battery to die much faster without you realizing it. If your lights seem dimmer or your car is taking longer to start than usual have your battery checked or replaced for a low cost.


  • Check The Oil: While traveling a lot during the summer the time to have your oil changed may creep up on you. Putting in all those miles takes a lot out of your car and requires proper care and lubricant. We offer discounts and coupons during this time of the year to make sure your journey as safe as possible.


  • Overheating Engine: Beware of your engine overheating in the summer months. With the temperatures high your cooling system has to work extra hard to keep up. Be sure to check your fluid levels often and pull over to the side of the road if you see smoke coming from your engine. If you have any questions about your fluid levels or engine trouble give us a call at (410) 749-2301 and our customer service reps would be happy to assist you.


There you have it! If you follow these tips and know what to look for you and your vehicle should be good to go. Feel free to stop in one of our service departments or give us a call for any concerns you may have. Our primary focus at Pohanka of Salisbury is the safety and happiness of all of our customers. Safe travels!  


Pohanka Welcomes Cars Made EZ to Their Trusted Family of Dealerships

EZ Car

Pohanka has been a trusted name in the automobile industry since 1919. Known as a company committed to excellence and growth Pohanka strives on a daily basis to better themselves as well as the community around them. Pohanka of Salisbury has always made it their mission to provide a unique and worry free experience when purchasing a car or making a trip to one of their service departments. Now the car buying experience is as easy as ever with Pohanka of Salisbury’s newest dealership “Cars Made EZ.”


Cars Made EZ is a pre-owned car dealership that offers top of the line models with a quick and simple system that allows you to get into your new pre-owned vehicle in no time. When coming to the dealership you will be welcomed with the kindness and professionalism you would expect from any Pohanka dealer and will have the ability to purchase a reliable and top of the line ride at an affordable price. Like other Pohanka dealerships the employees at cars made easy are highly trained in giving a one of a kind customer experience while getting you into a vehicle ideal for your personal needs. On top of that the skilled finance team works tirelessly to guarantee approval to every customer no matter what their credit and financial situation.


Another entity to this new dealership is the Cars made EZ website (link below). On this site shoppers can get an interactive tour of new and used inventory as well as receive a quote and/or apply for financing. The Cars Made EZ website is full of accurate, relevant and abundant content on both the dealership and inventory. The website also provides a “contact us” page and a phone number for questions, concerns or to schedule a test drive with one of the Cars Made Easy sales reps.


“At our dealership, we have devoted ourselves to helping and serving our customers to the best of our ability.” Says Robin Hagel, Manager at Cars Made EZ. “We believe the cars we offer are the highest quality and ideal for your life needs.”


Come in today to experience Pohanka’s world renowned service at their newest dealership or visit the Cars Made EZ website to learn more!


Cars Made EZ

Address: 36365 Sussex Hwy, Delmar, DE 19940

Phone: (302) 846-7280