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Pohanka Caught Doing Good In The Community

Sheriff Final

Anyone who has heard of the Pohanka name knows not only of the sublime customer service they provide but also of their extensive community involvement. Through their “Pohanka Pays It Forward” campaign Pohanka of Salisbury has managed to donate over $1,000,000 to local charities and nonprofit organizations. Pohanka constantly looks for way to be active in the community and help those in need.


Though Pohanka largely participates in community events they sometimes take a quirkier approach when looking for ways to reach out to local community members. This holiday season Pohanka of Salisbury is partnering with Salisbury Police Chief Barbara Duncan and Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis to bring some joy to unsuspecting drivers.


Recently drivers in Salisbury and Wicomico county were personally pulled over by either Lewis or Duncan for a minor violation. The drivers were given a warning… as well as a $100 bill, compliments of Pohanka Automotive. The idea behind this initiative came from  Pohanka’s combined want to spread joy to local community members during the holiday season and to show locals that our police force not just upholds the law but also serves to benefit the community.


“We believe it’s important to support and cooperate with local enforcement, and we do our part to help create good relationships between members of the public and our police officers” Says Conrad Morgan Marketing Director at Pohanka of Salisbury.


Pohanka is also collecting “Toys For Tots” donations in each of their six showrooms from now until the 23rd of December. Anyone who wishes to donate will receive a free car wash with the donation of a new, unwrapped toy.  Paying forward and empowering the community is the Pohanka way.


Cars Made EZ Gives Car To Eight-Month-Old Cancer Patient



On Wednesday October 25th Cars Made Ez, a Pohanka Company, gave a 2003 Honda Odyssey to a local cancer patient in need. Kamdyn Barzada is an eight month old little boy who was born and raised in Delmarva. Just a few months ago he was diagnosed with a rare muscle cancer called rhabdomyosarcoma. Since then his family and friends have been working tirelessly to get Kamdyn to and from his various doctors appointments as well as rounds of treatment. These appointments are often three hours away by car making a round trip visit a six hour journey. Kamdyn goes to these treatments as often as fives days a week.

In an attempt to get Kamdyn a safe and reliable vehicle to get to and from the doctor’s office his friends and family reached out to a local Cars Made EZ salesperson, William Toadvine, asking for help. Toadvine found a fantastic van at an affordable price from the family but took it to the next level when he spoke to Sandy Fitzgerald, Vice President and Dealer Operator of Pohanka of Salisbury, explaining the family’s situation and his yearning to help them. The vehicle was approved to be given to the family at no cost to them.

The state inspected Honda Odyssey was presented to Kamdyn and his family outside of Pohanka Toyota of Salisbury on October 25th at 6pm. Kamryn’s mother, father and two old sisters were thrilled when they saw their new vehicle for the first time.


“I Feel so blessed that someone is willing to help out and give us a way to get back and forth to his treatments” Said Denise Brazda, Kayden’s loving mother. “Its incredible that someone is willing to do this for our son and our family.”


Kamdyn is slowly on the way to recovery and being cancer free. He will continue to go to his treatments and appointments multiple times a week at Children’s National in Washington DC. Thoughts and prayers for this little boy and his family are greatly appreciated. You can support the families “Go Fund Me Page” here.



Pohanka of Salisbury Raises Over $15,000 for Relay For Life



After a year of dedicated fundraising the Pohanka of Salisbury Relay For Life Team was able to donate over $15,000 at the 2017 Wicomico County Relay For Life Festival on September 22nd.


Pohanka showed their automotive spirit by decorating a booth at the festivities as a make believe car wash. Kids could run through the streamers and sponges while bubbles were blown in the wind to give the effect of an actual car wash. The team also created a Pohanka exclusive convertible made from cardboard and complete with working head and tail lights. Each of the Pohanka store logos were showcased on the side of the car giving a feeling of maximum Pohanka Pride. A livestream of this vehicles race around the track can be seen here. The team’s motto of “wash away cancer” was also shown through their sale of wet wipe containers specifically designed to fit in the cup holder of a car. All proceeds of these sales were donated to the American Cancer Society.


Of course these sales were not the only donation Pohanka made. In fact, Pohanka of Salisbury had been hosting fundraisers all year long to raise as many donations as possible for the Relay For Life organization. From in house paint nights to hot dog lunches Pohanka continuously looked for opportunities to raise money for this profound organization. President of the Pohanka Relay team, Samantha Seaton, even hosted a ladies night in which representatives from local companies made a donation to set up a booth in Pohanka Toyota and have the opportunity to sell their products to locals. Each vendor also donated an item to raffle off. All the proceeds from the raffle were donated as well.


“Everytime I think of Relay I think of the fact that we do this so one day we don’t have to,” Says Samantha Seaton. “We do all of this so that one day there will be a cure for cancer.”


A large portion of the community came out to the Wicomico County Relay For Life event. Many survivors and their family members walked the track but many local business and organizations also made an appearance. Families and teams from all over the state came to show support for those fighting for their lives. “I love seeing kids and families at these events because it’s important to inspire the next generation to get involved and be aware at a young age that they can make a difference.” Seaton exclaimed.


Pohanka’s year long combined efforts generated a donation of over $15,000 to give to the American Cancer Society. This was the second largest donation made by a single team in the county. The entire Pohanka team wanted to thank everyone who made a contribution to their efforts. The Pohanka of Salisbury Relay For Life Team is already working on fundraisers to start generating donations for next years relay. Like the Pohanka of Salisbury Facebook page for updates and details on upcoming events!


Pohanka Matches Up To $10,000 in Donations To Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts


Pohanka of Salisbury is known for their interaction in the community and giving a helping hand to those who need it. Since the founding of their “Pohanka Pay It Forward” campaign the dealership has donated more than $1 million dollars to over 750 non profit and charity organizations. They are eager to support causes who need their help and were quick to respond to the relief efforts for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.


Hurricane Harvey was a four day tropical storm that produced more than 40 inches of rainfall causing mass flooding and destroying many homes and vehicles. Thousands of people were evacuated from parts of both Louisiana and Texas. By the end of the storm over 30,000 people were left homeless and more than 100,000 were without a clean water supply. Days were spent airlifting and rescuing people trapped in their homes or on top of buildings.


Less than a day after the natural disaster hit Pohanka began coordinating with local, state and federal relief organizations to create a donation campaign and to ensure 100% of all the funds raised were donated and accounted for. Pohanka even agreed to match donations up to $10,000. “We were devastated when we saw what happened and immediately wanted to help in anyway we could” said Paul Eaton the Chief Operating Officer of Pohanka Automotive of Salisbury. “We are honored to help these people and their families get through this troubled time.”

Pohanka’s “Help Us Help Texas” campaign is up and running and currently accepting donations. With a goal of $20,000 Pohanka has high hopes to change the lives of those affected by this horrible storm. Anyone willing to make a donation will have their monetary contribution matched by the Pohanka Automotive Group for up to $10,000. Every donation helps those who have lost their livelihood to this horrible storm. Pohanka will continue to research methods in which they can help those involved and thanks everyone who has made a donation to the “Help Us Help Texas” Campaign.



Pohanka Supports Local Law Enforcement at National Night Out Event




As a strong and prominent name in the community Pohanka of Salisbury often uses their influence to support local causes. As part of their Pohanka Pays It Forward campaign the dealership has partnered with over 150 local nonprofits since 2009 raising over two million dollars for those in need. Pohanka’s largest philanthropy efforts however involve their support for local police and law officials.


Pohanka of Salisbury continuously supports “blue pride” in respect for local law enforcement. In the past the dealership has hosted events such as a Police Luncheon and even held a “United We Stand” rally in the heart of Salisbury in response to “our nation’s recent tension involving race and equality.” Pohanka has shown consistent respect and support to our men and women in blue and recently showed this by playing an active part in both the Delmar and Salisbury area’s National Night Out Event.


National Night Out is an annual campaign that “enhances the relationship between neighbors and law enforcement while bringing back a true sense of community.” Many local businesses and organizations play a part in planning and implementing this event. There is often live music, free food, giveaways, raffles and much more all provided by local citizens and businesses. During the event police interact with children and families to build relationships and instil a sense of trust and safety throughout the community.


Pohanka set up a large booth at both the Salisbury and Delmar National Night Out events giving out “Pohanka Pays It Forward” bracelets, lanyards and other goodies while spreading the word of their community involvement and outreach. Pohanka also provided a free rock wall for children to climb and gave a safety tool to parents that would aid them in getting out of a car easily should they get into an accident.  


“We are POHANKA Proud to participate in National Night Out,”  Says Chris Hagel, a Pohanka employee who volunteered at the event. “We truly appreciate our law enforcement and the sacrifices they make for us every day.”


Pohanka was honored to partake in these festivities and will not doubt be showing their support for local law enforcement in the future. Were you at a National Night Out event? Show your #PohankaPride on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to show support for local law officials.


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