A Truck Load of Caring 

This holiday season the Pohanka of Salisbury Automotive Group made it their mission to fill the back of a pickup truck with canned food items to donate to locals in need. Their food drive was open to the public and anyone who contributed received $10 off their next service at one of the Pohanka Service Departments

By the end of the food drive, the Pohanka stores collected over 300 cans of food as well as a large selection of bread, rice, and pasta to donate to HALO Ministries, a local organization who offers meals and social activities to those in need. 

“We really appreciate this,” says Logan Schevel, Halo’s Thrift Ministry Administrator. “We are extremely busy this time of year and we will make great use of the donations.” 

Logan and the rest of the Halo staff and volunteers were grateful for the donations. They will be serving a special Thanksgiving dinner for which the donated food will be served. 

Pohanka of Salisbury has made serving the community a prime goal of their organization since establishing the Pohanka Pays It Forward initiative in 2009. Since its founding, Pohanka of Salisbury has donated over $3,000,000.00 to more than 750 charitable organizations. It is Pohanka’s belief that nothing is more important than giving back to the community that we all work, live and raise our families in and they are very grateful to be able to help Halo Ministries this Thanksgiving.

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